2012 Winning - Fiber Related Category photo by
Ross Beed


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List of Vendors

Barn 1
Tidal Yarns
Biltmore Wool Barn
Fantom Farm
Otavalo Textiles
Whispering Pines Farm
Sheep Frills
A Touch of Twist
An Enchanted Pantry/ Mohawk Valley Suffolks
Jan Marek Raczkowski Studio
Spinner's Hill Shop
Raja Farm
Natural Specialties
Rag Hill Farm
Purple Hummingbird Woolens
Acker's Acres Angoras

Barn 2
Foxhill Farm
Yarn and Fiber Co.
The Celadon Studio
Winterberry Farm
Wendy G. Jensen Baskets
Ashford Heights Farm
Fitzwilliam Fiber Farms
The Periwinkle Sheep
Going Gnome
Contented Butterfly Farm
Consolati Farms
Ink Drawings by Gene Matras
Green Mountain Hooked Rugs Stitched by Jessalu
Bead Biz

Barn 5
June Pryce Fiber Arts
Monroe Bridge Books
Artemisia Ink Studio Arts
Whitney Acres Farm
Blind Buck Farm

Stalls (under grandstand)
Justamere Tree Farm
Ball & Skein
The Merlin Tree
Stephen Willette
Saratoga Llamas
Elemental Designs
Leslie Wind Clasps & Closures
Foxfire Fiber & Designs

White Building
River Valley Farm
Woollies of Shirkshire Farm

Marsh Mallo Farm
Play at Life Fiber Arts
Deep Water Dye Works


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