Greetings Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Craft fair supporters!!

Thank you, so very much, for your past support.

We’re back! 2024 marks the return of MSWCF, which took a hiatus during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the short break we took to ensure public safety, created financial concerns for the fair. We are planning to make 2024 a rebuilding year for the year – which will lead to even more success in the future. But for this year, finances are an ongoing concern and we are looking to you, our past supporters to help us how you can.

You know your customers and supporters have frequented the fair in the past – and after a two-year hiatus, they will likely swarm the fairgrounds. This is not an opportunity to advertise that you can afford to miss. You want to be in front of them as events return. Additionally, we are one of the best deals in town on advertising. And we’re quick – as soon as we receive your ad with payment, we get it posted to our website.  Send in your ad now to get in front of our customers! All ads placed this year will expire at the end of March next year.

Ways to help support our Fair

  1. $75 Fancy Ad gives you a place on our Advertisers page with a live link to your website (or email address that opens in its own tab) AND a place in the scrolling Partners banner on the bottom of EVERY page (which also clicks through!). Yes, visitors can REACH YOU FROM EVERY page. That’s simple and highly effective!
  2. Become a Patron or Sponsor.  These programs allow individuals and businesses to support all the various aspects of our Fair. The Patronage level begins at $25 and includes free parking at the Fair. Sponsorships begin at $50. Click here to learn more. Please contact me at for current show sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

Please help us out by clicking the link below to pay your fee. In the PayPal note field – please tell us something simple like “link to my website: “ or “link to my email: so we know where you want us to send your visitors.


Let’s wrap this up:

  1. Send me a file if you are placing the $75 fancy ad – (.jpeg, .pdf, .png or .svg) that is sized 150 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall.
  2. Please pay online here  and  thank you so very much!

Please submit any questions & all files to:
Susan Williams

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